Gordon H. Baver, Inc.

Safety Manual

Safety is our top priority. Our main goal is that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day. Click below to download our comprehensive Safety Manual.

Table of Contents

Accessibility of Manual

Safety Program Policy Statement

Accident & Illness Prevention Program

Safety Communication Program

Employee Safety & Health Training

General Safety Guidelines

Fire Prevention, Control & Evacuation

Emergency Action Plan

Personal Protective Equipment

Hearing & Sight Conservation Program

Bloodborne Pathogens Policies & Procedures

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Awareness & Prevention Policies & Procedures

Cold Weather Safety

Ergonomics Program

Energy Control Procedures (Lockout/Tagout)

Electrical Work

Hazard Communications Program

Welding & Cutting

Cranes & Derricks

Elevated Work & Fall Protection

Excavation, Trenching & Shoring Safety

Excavation: Hazard Recognition in Trenching & Shoring

Forklift Safety Procedures

Miscellaneous Provisions

Jobsite Inspections

Jobsite Protection & Security

Accident Investigation Procedures

Accident Reporting Procedures