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Awards of Excellence

Scroll through the images below to see examples of the award winning quality that Gordon H. Baver, Inc. meets with every project.

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You can find details about GHB’s completed works on the Projects page by clicking on the red letters.


Lansdale Municipal Building

Best Public Construction


Montgomery County Emergency Services Operation Center

Institutional Construction Over $2 Million


Montgomery County Firearms Training Center

Public Construction


Zator Law Office

Commercial Under $2 Million


Reading Regional Airport

Commercial Over $2 Million

Best in the Category


Pottstown Borough Hall

Institutional Over $2 Million



John M. Cook Technology Center

Metal Building – Merit


Afton Elementary School

Public Construction – Merit

Green Build Award

Construction of the Lansdale Municipal Building was not only the creation of a beautiful landmark, but the preservation of the land. The company was required to meet LEED certification, which involves meeting the following requirements; the use of recycled materials, natural resources and green building material, reducing the amount of waste whenever possible, and emitting little to no fumes. GHB was up to the challenge. A large and intricate soil exchange took place to deal with the unsuitable soil. Two rain gardens were installed in the building. And due to the massive recycling program they ran, they not only reached their LEED Certification, but were awarded Silver. Their attention to the environment won them the Green Build Award.

Safety Awards

GHB is committed to maintaining a safe working environment which has earned them 24 Safety Awards.


GHB strives to reach a level of achievement by adhering to the 5 rules of the S.T.E.P. program. They must evaluate their own safety performance and track it each year. After their self evaluation, implement the tested and approved methods of safety and benchmark it with others in their industry. Finally, they are required to be a leader in safety, promoting safe procedures for all their employees and others they work with. GHB is the recipient of Gold, Platinum and Diamond level.

OSHA Safety

OSHA Compliant Safety programs must include the use of regular Safety Meetings, Safety Training, Certification Kits, Custom Safety Manuals, Safety & Labor Law Posters.

Did You Know?

GHB has received recognition from the Senate of Pennsylvania and the House of Representatives.
Cert. of Achievement – Senate of PA (Browne)

Cert. of Recognition – Senate of PA (Wonderling)

Cert. of Recognition – Senate of PA (Boscola)

Cert. of Recognition – House of Reps (Reichley)

Cert. of Achievement – Senate of PA (Browne)

Cert. of Recognition – Senate of PA (Wonderling)

Cert. of Recognition – House of Reps (Reichley)

Seal of Senate of Pennsylvania (Mensch)

About Us

Gordon H. Baver, Inc. is Eastern Pennsylvania’s most experienced, reliable and proven general contractor/construction management provider. As a family-owned business you can be assured that we will be with you every step of the way.

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